Chetana Day Care Centre

The Richmond Fellowship started "Chetana", Day Care Centre with vocational training in September 1997, in a residential community in South Bangalore. Chetana offers a wide range of psychosocial rehabilitation services with the goal of making Clients self-reliant and contributing members of their families and community.

Chetana has a professional staff team and experienced vocational instructors and support staff members. Persons with psychiatric and intellectual disabilities are rehabilitated and taken care of from from 9.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Bus facility is provided for clients.

Chetana follows a well-organized schedule for activities of daily living, social skills training, group therapies to enhance participation in activities, sharing responsibilities, peer group as role model for motivation and recovery, individual sessions and family sessions, psycho-education for users and families, family support group, vocational training facilities, leisure-time pursuits and planned recreation.

In order to facilitate reintegration training is offered in training in pre-vocational and vocational skills and job placements. Users are offered training in making paper files / paper cups / greeting cards / paper covers, tailoring, embroidery, hand block printing, handicraft work, book binding, screen printing, & providing training in basic skills in computers.

Clients are given a fifteen days trial period before they are formally admitted to the centre. The duration of stay at the centre is flexible, and based on the needs of the client. Chetana offers long-term support and is also a sheltered workshop for users with persisting disabilities who are unable to get job placements outside.

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